If you’re looking for an all-natural getaway, the entire coastline of Northern California’s Bair Island sits comfortably on the line between San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. This remote wilderness is home to sea lions, eagles, coyotes, mountain goats, mountain lions, and other amazing wildlife. Many popular tourist attractions can be found on the island, including the Alcatraz Hotel, Treasure Island, and the San Francisco Cable Company building. In addition, this undiscovered locale offers much promise for California’s natural attractions.

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A small town with charming seaside culture, Bair Island became a favorite stop for travelers on their California railroad journey. It quickly became known as a top destination for scenic mountain climbing and scenic sailing. Today, Bair Island offers a multitude of outdoor activities and adventures. From boating to swimming to surfing, there is something for everyone here.

Tourism is the primary economic activity on Bair Island. Overlooked by the Pacific Ocean, the island’s two ferry boats operate year round, ferrying tourists to nearby San Francisco. There are a variety of attractions that are geared towards tourism, including hiking and biking trails, fishing, boating, golf, art galleries, historical museums, and ocean kayaking tours. There is also a concession stand at the ferry terminal, where travelers can buy locally produced food and souvenirs. There are over a hundred shops that offer everything from fish to jewelry.

As tourism has increased on Bair Island, it has become increasingly popular among those looking for a unique retreat. Because of its natural beauty, many who visit enjoy going hiking, cycling or kayaking during their stay. During the day, there are over forty beaches and trails suitable for outdoor recreation. At night, there are plenty of entertainment venues such as haunted houses, boat shows, concerts, festivals, and even a ballet.

If you are seeking a place to get away from it all, Bair Island can give you that perfect escape. Unlike many other places in Cairns, you will not find chain restaurants, pubs, or drinking spas. Bair Village is set far back from the town center and is perfect for those interested in exploring Cairns’ natural beauty, whilst enjoying the nightlife on the beaches.

Another popular attraction on Bair Island, is the Marine Park. This is a World Heritage listed site, with an underwater aquarium, exhibits and aquarium display, as well as a series of lectures on marine life. The park also features a picnic area, where visitors can relax by the sea. There are many cafes and restaurants to be found here, as well as the popular Pounamu Waterfront and Caught St Catchings Markets. This area of Cairns is also home to a number of wineries, with many having tours and tasting rooms available to their customers.