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A Brief Look at Foreclosed Homes in the Emerald Hills CA Area

Emerald Hills or emerald lake hills is a residential area and census-designated geographical area in unincorporated San Mateo County, in the State of California, USA. The area was once part of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Planning Bureau. It was designed for housing retirees and ethnic newcomers coming to the country during the World War II who had migrated from Germany and Czech Republic. The area has a unique topography due to slopes on all sides with the western boundary of the property at Fernbank Park. There is a beach in Emerald Hills, but the most popular activities are golfing, hiking, and bicycling.

Home prices in Emerald Hills are very reasonably priced considering the location and design of the neighborhood. Home builders and homeowners combine forces to create a design that makes building something new within the limited space possible. The result is an area that has wonderful views and proximity to numerous other destinations, yet the streets are very safe and well-lit. Traffic is light in this suburban area due to its placement. All the schools and shopping centers are within walking distance as well as major public transportation systems.

One problem that can be found in some neighborhoods though is the lack of variety in design, both in terms of architecture style and landscaping. In one respect, this is an advantage because there are so many options and architectural styles, from quaint bungalows in Victorian style to high-rise apartment buildings in ultra-modernist styles. When it comes to the availability of variety in home prices, the answer would have to be “not much”. Even so, it would be nice to have more options in this desirable neighborhood.

In terms of land, Emerald Hills is one of the better areas of a California city in which to buy. The hills provide ample open space and allow for plenty of development possibilities. The low home prices in this part of Los Angeles provide a tremendous opportunity for home buyers to take advantage of available land. Some of the areas in this section of the city are undeveloped, so those who want to build on a smaller scale than possible should be careful about finding property that is ready to be built on. However, those who are able to build up a nice home on a decent lot should find there is plenty of room for future growth.

The area is served by a number of good hospitals, including the John Hopkins University and the Harbor UCLA Medical Center. This ensures that residents are relatively safe when it comes to getting in or out of the hospital. The proximity to downtown L.A. also provides easy access to shopping, cultural venues and other important business districts. Those who are interested in living in a quiet, peaceful environment will be pleased with the natural landscape features that define this area of Los Angeles. Those looking for convenient nearby mass transit will also find that the transit system is adequate. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding Emerald Hills are convenient to commuter trains, bus routes and the Hollywood/ Dayton Express commuter train.

Home buyers who are interested in buying foreclosed homes should take a close look at the available properties near Emerald Hills. They may be surprised at how many options are available to them. This is a good place for first-time home buyers and long-time home buyers to look at investing. Real estate investments in this area can prove lucrative, especially when a person does their research before purchasing a foreclosed home. This can make an investment in a safer one, as well as provide a more convenient location for home ownership. Those who are interested in buying homes in this area should take a look at the available Emerald Hills CA foreclosures.