San Mateo California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. San Mateo is a lovely city in San Mateo County, California, approximately 20 miles southwest of San Francisco, and approximately thirty miles north of San Jose. The average yearly rainfall is around seven inches. San Mateo has an approximatenotation population ofappermint, giving it a Mediterranean flavor. It’s known for its many cultural and historic sites, and has an interesting historical past.

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There are so many things to do in San Mateo, it may become confusing to decide what to do first. There are things to do in San Mateo near the beach, but you might also want to consider things to do around the golf course at least once a week. You can explore San Mateo at night with the lights off. If you’re lucky, maybe your spouse will join you for a little something on the golf course.

In San Mateo you can get married on Christmas Eve at the San Mateo Hall, and there are tons of things to do in San Mateo, especially if you’re married and planning on moving to the area and/or taking up residence there. There are two good wedding venues in San Mateo: The Iglesia San Mateo in Candlestick Point and the Iglesia Chiquita at Half Moon Bay. You can get married on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day, and on either day you can enjoy romantic candlelit dinners with champagne (and a bottle of sparkling wine if you so desire). If you’re having a reception after the ceremony, expect to dine and be served with Spanish style table settings. There are also two beaches in San Mateo: The shoreline just east of Candlestick is popular for boating and windsurfing, while the western shoreline is popular for snorkeling and swimming.

While we were living in San Mateo, my husband taught us about some of the things we enjoyed most while living in the area. First, we loved being able to shop at many of the small boutiques in Candlesticks and Half Moon Bay. We especially liked the deluxe boutiques in Iglesia Chiquita, which had beautiful furniture and things to decorate our homes. The thing that we especially liked was that they served delicious homemade meals, so we could have a healthy, home cooked meal every day. We loved walking along the beach in the mornings and watching the waves come and go.

Second, we spent a lot of time going hiking, taking long bike rides, and taking long walks along the beach. Yes, there are many nice hiking trails in San Mateo, but we didn’t really like the hiking trails that went through our favorite old-growth forest. We do love the new hiking trails being built now, but we’re not wild about going through the forest any more…

Lastly, one of the most popular things to do in San Mateo is to go shopping! There are many places in town that offer local products and items that can be found all over California. We like to travel to other cities and buy things there, but we also like to get things that are locally made and designed to our liking!