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Things to Do Near the Beaches Near Newark, NJ

If you are planning a weekend outing in Newark, you might want to consider the shopping opportunities in the area. This part of the city is known for offering an array of interesting and popular shops and stores. What you need to do is to simply find out more about what shops or stores are available around the corner, before making your final booking decisions. This will help ensure that you have all the things that you need to last you through your visit. Here are some of the main things to do in this part of New Jersey.

If you are interested in world-class wines, head over to the American Viticultural Center near Vineyard Village. This particular attraction offers a large collection of wine barrels and other related items. Other things to do include golfing, fishing, and whale watching at the nearby Newark Bay Park. You can also go for hiking near the Mount Kisco State Park. The area is also host to a museum that highlights the history of the hills surrounding the village.

While you are in town, you might also want to check out the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. This venue is home to the annual “Best of the NJ Performing Arts Festival.” Other events such as “Mardi Gras Day” and” stag weekends” are also held annually. When it comes to things to do in, Newark, you will definitely be able to find some good entertainment both in the performing arts and in fine dining restaurants near the central park area.

If you are looking for some fun activities for your weekend in Newark, you should plan on hitting several of the various casinos in the area. Casinos in the city are more than just a place to play a few hands of poker. There are actually a wide variety of things to do in and around the casinos, from playing table games to taking part in freeroll tournaments and even trying your luck at slot machines. The casinos themselves are great places to eat, too, with many restaurants within walking distance where you can enjoy lunch or dinner on your way to or from the casinos.

If you are looking for some late night activities, you can expect to find plenty of late night shows at the various theaters in the city. A quick walk across the street from the theater will reveal some great restaurants that offer a wide range of late night menus. If it has been awhile since you visited a few of the restaurants near the market broiler area, there is still a chance that one of them will offer you a special late night menu that is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. Some of the restaurants near the market broiler offer you late night deals on their menus that include prime rib, fried chicken, prime rib sandwich, and vegetarian specials that are usually available for a little bit more than you would pay at other restaurants.

Of course, when it comes to things to do near the beaches near Newark, there is simply no place like the Ocean Shoreline State Park. The entire beach is filled with dozens of different types of shops that offer a wide variety of unique items, from souvenirs and gifts, to antiques and books. There is also a concession stand just down the block from the beach, where you can buy some last minute souvenirs and snacks before heading back to your hotel. When you are done shopping, head over to the boardwalk for some great pictures of the different things that take place along the shoreline. After all, this is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially if you are staying at a hotel near the shoreline.