What door colors mean to you can depend on who you are as a person. It depends on your lifestyle, the color of your house, your taste and your budget. It also depends on what you have in your home already. If your walls are painted a certain color or have carpeting or drapes that is a shade of a certain color then it could be a good idea to paint your doors a matching color if you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

what door colors mean

What door color means most to me is red. I like bright red because I love to thrill and look like a fire man going through a burning building. My favorite color is red but there are colors that I just don’t like at all. I don’t want to have a pink home; I just don’t think it looks natural.

What door color matches what color of drapes or wallpaper in your house? That’s a question I get asked all the time. Sometimes I can find some great looking rugs or cushions to match but sometimes my red drapes just aren’t what I want. You have to choose what is going to look best with your doors. You also need to decide how much you are willing to spend for these little extras.

What color means most to me is green. Green is always refreshing, invigorating and uplifting. I have a few plants and flowers in my living room but for the most part my living room is all greens. Some of my favorite plants are hydrangeas, lettuce and spinach plants. They go great with the vibrant colors of a green room.

What door color fits in the bedroom? This is a tricky one. For the most part the bedroom is a serene and quiet place to unwind. The color you want is going to be one that will match the peaceful atmosphere of your room.

For the kitchen I like warm colors such as reds and yellows. You want a color that will match the tiles and the appliances in the kitchen. I have black appliances in the kitchen but the black is usually matched by a white tile.

What door colors match closely to another item in my home? Living rooms in many homes are either neutral or very casual. In this case you are more than likely to want something that is more bold than the other colors you may have in your space. A bold color can be a bright red or neon green.

What door colors mean the most to me is blue. Blue is calming and soothing. I use a lot of blues in my living room. I have a sofa and coffee table with a blue wood base. The wall colors I use for my background are almost exclusively blue.

These are just a few questions I get asked all the time. When I think about what door colors mean the most to me I feel calm and at peace. It doesn’t matter if the color is a bright yellow or deep burgundy it really doesn’t matter because it brings me relief. It’s like taking a deep breath, then continuing on with my day.