There are a few different options when choosing what door locks work with an Alexia remote keypad. Some of the locks that work well with an Alexia keypad are the hardwired types, the type that are built into the house, and the wireless locks that can be wired into the keypads. Each type has their own pros and cons, but I’ll try to go over the pros and cons of each type.

what door locks work with alexa

Hardwired doors have been used for years and some people like them, but I’m sure many others would prefer to get a wireless hardwired lock. It is cheaper to buy one of these and also more convenient, since you can just connect the wires to the keypads. If you have an older home, you might not have access to newer models of hardware so you may want to go with something cheaper. However, there are drawbacks to wired hardwiring that some people don’t realize. Wired locks require an outlet to hook up the wiring which makes it very inconvenient to have in a room that needs to be used frequently. Wireless hardwiring also doesn’t come with an outlet or a keypad which can be a problem if your family and friends will be using your house as a hangout spot or a place to have parties.

Wireless locks are often more convenient since they can be plugged in to the power source in your home. They also do not require an outlet, so they are much easier to install. With a wireless keypad you also have the option of having multiple locks with the same remote. This means you can use two or three different codes with the same remote keypad. While having a lot of code options with your lock may sound great to some people, the downside is the fact that your house has to be equipped with a power source so that your wireless locks can be operated. You’ll also need a regular outlet in order to plug in these remote locks so make sure your house already has one before deciding to get a wireless lock. Wireless locks also have more features than hardwired locks, so if you aren’t a fan of changing codes they aren’t for you.

Wireless locks also don’t come with a keypad or an outlet. You will need to find a keypad that will fit your door. The remote comes with two buttons and a numeric keypad is the best option for this. Once you’ve got a keypad installed you should have an easier time programming codes with an Alexa remote keypad.

No matter what type of door locks you choose, make sure you consider a few things before purchasing any. Don’t get a cheap price on a lock because you don’t want to have to replace it very soon. Make sure the locks are easy to program for the remote, they should be easy to install and easy to operate.

Look for a high quality remote, the lock you pick should be compatible with Alexa, you want something with a good warranty and should also be durable. Be sure to research the company you choose and make sure they offer a lifetime warranty on the lock. You want your Alexia remote keypad to last for a long time so you don’t have to spend money on a new lock.